We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher

This past weekend, a bunch of other students and I went to a USC softball game and took a ton of pictures. We met our teacher there as well as another professional photographer, Rebecca. She really helped us learn a lot. I learned what pictures a newspaper editor would want as well as the pictures you should take just incase you ever need one. I took about 400 pictures total in about 3 hours! I had such a great time and really learned how to shoot sports. Thanks to Professor McGill, I learned where to anticipate the play. I got to experience using a 400 mm lenses which was so exhilarating! One photo we were told you must have is called a “Fuzzy Bunny”, where you get behind the home plate and focus on the pitcher. I also took some photos of girls batting. We were told you always want to get the ball in the shot! Well let me tell you, that ball is hard to get in the picture when its going so fast!! We were also told you must have a picture of the opening pitcher. I got some really awesome pictures of the opening pitcher from different angles. There was also this raised deck type area behind the outfield fence that we could go on and take pictures. Lastly, we were told you always want action photos such as a girl sliding into the plate or someone tagging them out. The best pictures are with two players from the opposing team as well as the ball. One last tip we were told was to always get the program when you arrive to the field and to take pictures of the scoreboard throughout the game so you know when certain plays happened during the game. I’m excited to go try to shoot some other sports!

Photo was taken by Samantha Nugent during a USC Gamecocks softball game on February 11th, 2012. USC Catcher trying to get Western Kentucky #22, Tiffany Gooch out at home plate.

Photo was taken by Samantha Nugent during a USC Gamecocks softball game on February 11th, 2012. This is featuring USC's starting pitcher #80 Audrey Broyles.