Southern Street Style Blogger

I am currently an online fashion blogger for Kembrel, a company based out of Philly. Kembrel is an online ‘club’ that allows students access to some of their favorite fashion items, food, etc at a cheaper price. I am the “Street Style” blogger for the University of South Carolina. I take pictures of fellow students (usually friends) wearing “southern fashion”. I put together a couple pictures in a creative way and then write a short description of the style techniques shown in the photos. I do that every other Wednesday and have been doing it since October. I feel like its something great to put on my resume and I have really enjoyed doing it! Although, I will admit that when trying to right the description of the fashion shown in the picture I do find myself at a loss for words. I’m working on that though. Last Wednesday I took pictures of one of my friends on the Women’s Quad on campus. (The photos are supposed to be taken on campus). One of the many pictures I took, is shown below.

S. Martin for Kembrel Blog taken by Samantha Nugent

This photo was taken with my longer zoom lens. The first pictures I had taken were taken in sunlight and the lighting was too harsh. We moved into a shaded area in front of a building where the light was perfect! No harsh shadows and her coloring look great.

M. Hucks and M. Adams taken for Kembrel Blog taken by Samantha Nugent

This picture above is another picture I took from my very first Kembrel blog. This picture was taken by with my normal lens (18-55 mm). This day was also rather bright, but we managed to find some shade.

If you’re interested in looking at the actual online blogs I will post the URLs below.



This past May I went to Munich, Germany for a maymester through the journalism school at USC. I took thousands of photos, literally thousands. It was the most amazing 2 weeks of my life!

Bayern Munich Soccer Fans

There was a group of 20 of us that went to Munich. We were split into 4 different groups and each group had a different German topic that they were going to research while we were there. With the research and interviews we had collected we then had to make a short video, magazine and podcast. My group decided to do our project on the Bayern Munich soccer team and their fans. The picture shown above was outside of the Bayern Munich headquarters. My group had went there wanting to take pictures of the headquarters and field, etc. When we arrived there, there were about 15-20 people there awaiting the departure of the team. We were unaware that the team all drive out of their garage in all their BMW’s. When the players drive out of the garage the people quickly gather around their car trying to get photos and autographs. I had rushed to the car with the group of people when this specific players drove out. I snapped several pictures but this was by far the perfect. I captured the perfect moment in this picture. I was using my digital SLR Pentax camera. The strongest element in this photo is the compelling content and how I captured the exact moment that this player is signing this little fan’s youth jersey. I also think this photo has a compelling composition with how all the subjects are cut off by the picture border.  

Munich Church

We visited many German churches while in Munich. This photo from inside of a German church was by far my favorite. This picture again was taken with my digital SLR Pentax camera. I love the way the light is beaming through the top left window cutting across the picture plane. The light is the dominant element in this photo making it the strongest element in this picture. The light also really helps your eye move across the picture.  Both of these pictures as well as the thousands of other pictures I took, I will cherish forever. These pictures hold all the memories from my two weeks in Munich.

Sam I Am, Green Eggs and Ham

My name is Samantha Nugent and I am a junior at the University of South Carolina. I am from West Chester, Pa but was born in Freehold, New Jersey. I started my interest in photography during my freshman year after taking Jour 337 Photovisual Communications and I’ve been interested ever since. I’ve ALWAYS loved design and being creative. I am taking 3 hour art classes twice a week for my minor, Graphic Design. With being a full time student as well as working outside of school as a waitress, it gives me a chance to do art, another thing I enjoy. This passed May, I went to Munich, Germany for a Maymester. I took an insane amount of photos, but when you’re in a foreign country, how can you not? Last Spring, I had an internship with Ronald McDonald House Charities. I designed most of their flyers and save the dates and what not. I was even assigned to take pictures at a couple of their events. One of my best friends also happens to be a model (how convenient) so whenever I can we try to have little photo-shoots which always turn out to be a blast. I do have a flickr account that I try to upload frequently but time always gets away from me. You’ll see a lot of my best friend, Megan as well as some from Munich and a ton of random pictures some for fun and others for class assignments. The url for my flikr account is:   .

I use a DSLR Pentax K-x. I’ve used and become familiar with most of the Adobe programs especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Photo of me in front of a German castle in May 2011. Taken by Alexa Nugent

I Love Taking Vertical Pictures??

So apparently I was going through all the pictures I took when I last photographed Megan for my photo story and I decided that I take a lot of vertical pictures. I don’t know if it was just for this one time since it was her in a gown and a bathing suit and I wanted a full length view.

I took about 100 pictures and maybe 10 were horizontal, not even.

I think my project is going really well thus far. I took pictures of Megan putting on her outfits for the thousandth time. She needs to be comfortable in her bathing suit and in her opening number.

I had a slight problem with red eye. Her eyes came out red. It might have been a setting on my camera that was off that is usually on. I’ll have to figure that out. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it in Photoshop. I printed some of the pictures I took for the second final draft to show my teacher and they looked way better on the computer which I’ve been told.

I had a few favorite pictures when I last photographed Megan, but this one was by far my favorite! ( It’s just a coincidence is a horizontal picture)










Unlike most Beauty Queen’s, Megan eats fast food alllll the time. I’m not exaggerating. I really want to get pictures of her eating KFC or Sonic or one of her favorite other fast food places. I think that would be very interesting! I’m also very excited for Megan’s pageant!! It’s this weekend! I’m super excited to take pictures of her. I have some really beautiful pictures I have in mind. I can’t wait to take pictures of her interacting with family and friends after the pageant. Hope she wins!!

Glitch in my Plan.

So for my photo story thus far–

..I talked to Megan- the pageant queen and apparently their are no cameras allowed in the pageant.

A few solutions to this glitch:

1. Sneak my camera in and snap some photos of Megan on stage.

2. Wait until after the pageant and take pictures of Megan interacting with fans and family.

I’m not sure what to do because I imagined a gorgeous picture of Megan on stage with a beam of line shining on her.

Hopefully I can still snap at least a couple good shots (secretively) of Megan on stage because I will be sneaking my camera in ;). I will also definitely be taking pictures of Megan interacting with fans and family. Candid shots are key.

Another glitch–

Megan said I could not get behind stage for privacy and protection reasons. I completely understand but that kind of stinks because I also imagined a picture of Megan sitting in front of a huge mirror with 3 huge bulbs lighting her face on each side.

However, she is getting her evening gown Friday or Saturday and will be practicing walking up and down the stairs because its a bit tight and she’s afraid she’s going to trip. That would be funny but definitely not good. I thought those pictures could be quiet entertaining.

On a side note, I got some feedback from my classmates on my photos for the first edit of my project. My pictures did seem a bit grainy and I’m not sure why. I think it may have to do with the lighting of the gym she was exercising in and also may be because I did not use a flash. Kind of wish i did use a flash, but I could always go photograph her working out again. I do like the pictures I took. I did want to do some in black and white but that won’t be possible because we either have to go all black and white or all color and I think for a pageant type thing I have to do all color. Without all the glitz and glam of color, it won’t be portrayed as exciting as it really it.

Photo Story Starter

I’m pretty excited about our new photo project. The assignment is to create a photo story that has to do with people. I could have picked anything to do a photo story on but I chose to do one on my best friend, Megan Hucks. These next couple weeks she will be preparing for the Miss SC USA Pageant.

I thought it would be very interesting to see what pageant girls have to go through to prepare for a pageant and even why they even do them. I always thought it was glitz and glam but apparently they can get scholarship and it looks great on a resume.

I will be photographing Megan working out because she now has a 20 day workout plan. I will also take pictures of her walking around in her heels, strutting her stuff, trying on new makeup and her tailored dresses. I will lastly photograph the actual pageant. I’m hoping to be able to get behind the scenes. I can just picture Megan sitting in front of a huge mirror with 6 different lights framing it. The pageant is actually in Charleston, S.C. but I already bought my ticket.

The only problem I think I may have is my camera. It can’t do much or zoom super far and I think it might struggle with the lightning in the auditorium type setting. It is also no flash photograph so I’ll have to take pictures without a flash. I was thinking about a solution and I might rent one from the Coli. I’m going to find out more information and see if that’s actually possible. I know I can rent one from McMaster but I think it’s only for 2 days. I guess we’ll see if I can overcome this challenge.

Here are a few pictures I have taken of Megan working out. It is actually quite funny to see a girl who never moves out of her bed or off the couch, working out.















I’m going to need to photoshop these images and get rid of dust spots and sharpen them a bit.




I had such a fun Halloween weekend!

My best friend, Taylor; my twin, Alexa; and I thought of the most creative costume idea!!

We decided we were going to be….rock, paper, scissor!

We were going to make all of our costumes instead of buying a costume for around $50 dollars which contain maybe a yard of fabric per women’s adult costume. I was “paper”, Taylor was “rock”, and Lex was “scissor”.

I made my costume out of 2 plain white poster board papers and some straps made with ribbon. Taylor used a trash bag and splotched brown paint on it. Lex drew a pair of scissors on a poster board and colored it in with me and Tay’s help and tied it around her neck.

Everyone loved our costumes. They told us they were so creative. I think about 3 or 4 people actually took pictures of us with their cell phones because they liked our costumes so much.

By the way…when making my costume, I never once thought about the mobility I would have. I could barely walk and I couldn’t sit down anywhere. I had to take my costume off to ride in the car. It was quite a hilarious night to say the least.

We took so many pictures of scissors cutting paper, paper covers rock, etc. It was so much fun. One of my favorite Halloweens yet!














Here’s a picture of Paper covering Rock, Scissor cutting Paper!!!

I love the State Fair

I was extremely excited when I got a photo assignment where I had to go to the State Fair and take candid pictures of people. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that I had to “stalk” little kids and ask their parents for their names. Most parents were fine with giving me their child’s name, but a couple parents were a little suspicious of giving me their last name, which was okay. I had an awesome time taking pictures of random children looking like they were having a great time. I went to the fair 3 times.. Is that a little obsessive? How about twice in one day..whoops. Well I just love the state fair, and can’t get enough of it! Kidding. My family came into town from Pennsylvania and I took them to the State Fair yesterday. We had such a blast. We ate ice cream cones and my brother even won a little stuff banana for his girlfriend, Maddie. Around 6 p.m. I returned to the fair last night, with my sister and my two friends. They hadn’t been to the fair yet and really wanted to go. Darius Rucker was playing a concert so we paid three dollars and got on the nearest ferris wheel and got to see him live!! We took many pictures. It was dark and a bit far, but we did the best we could. It was still unbelievable to hear him sing, “Let Her Cry”.

Back to pictures! As I said I was really nervous about asking moms and dads for their child’s name but as the day went on and I asked more and more parents, it felt more natural. I explained how I go to USC and had a photo assignment for my photo class. Some parents were pretty interested in the assignment and others were a little suspicious. There were two particular pictures I absolutely loved.

The first picture I fell in love with when I took it, was this picture of a little boy on the swings. His name was Jacob Black. He didn’t quite look like he was enjoying himself but I love the way the picture turned out. It had three loner swings in the bottom right corner. He’s in the top upper left corner and there’s also chains from swings all throughout the photo. The layout of the picture and the situation itself just really caught my attention.










The second picture I fell in love with, I just happened to stumble upon. I had to leave the fair for a advisement appointment but as I was leaving I saw this little boy, who’s name I found out later to be Ryan (last name not given), was eating a handful of cotton candy. He finished his alloted handful and carefully grabbed the cotton candy bag off of his little brother’s stroller. His mom and dad were paying little attention to Ryan as their eyes were on his little brother. Loving that cotton candy, he kept taking handful after handful. I snapped a few pictures of him. I got the perfect picture of him putting the cotton candy into his mouth. I love the picture. Ryan is so happy and you can see it through his face. I love seeing how happy the fair makes children. I even saw some parents who were a little too excited for the fair. They get so entertained with the littlest things and enjoys every aspect of the fair including the rides, the prizes, and most of all the food.















Back to the North.

One word to describe fall break–Amazing.

After a long night of traveling, I finally made it home Tuesday around 12:30 a.m. On Wednesday, I packed my car and headed up to University of Connecticut. My boyfriend plays on the Ice Hockey for Uconn. I was so excited to see him because I hadn’t since the beginning of August. After a long 5 hour car ride by myself, I finally made it to Connecticut. After spending an amazing time in Uconn I left Saturday morning on the voyage home. I got to see all my friends who were home from school Saturday night, which I loved. I also spend a few hours with my grandparents on Sunday before I had to leave for the airport. I finally made it back to Columbia at 12:15 a.m. Flying out of Myrtle Beach into Atlantic City makes a long day of traveling especially after driving to Connecticut and back.

I did absolutely no school work and it felt unbelievable. It was such a relaxing break. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving where I can relax some more. I cannot fathom that after Thanksgiving break, which is in 36 days, I only have about a week and a half left of fall semester!!!

This semester has flown by!!! I really love all my classes. Economics is a really challenging class and I probably spend 2 thousand hours a week doing econ. I’ve also really enjoyed my photo class and have learned so much I never knew. I can’t wait to build my portfolio of some amazing photos. I also love my art class. I’ve learned some basic skills that can help my draw anything. For anyone who wants to take an exercise class, Aerobic dance, is a really fun class! Its a great workout but yet its very entertaining. I’m a horrible dancer but its barely a dance class.

Thanksgiving break, come quick!!!!



I was trying to think of something to blog about and I immediately thought about the Alabama vs USC football game! Whatttt a game!!! My friend from Pa came for the weekend and she couldn’t believe how crazy the game was!

I took some really cool pictures at the game. Every time the song, “Sand Storm” would come on the crowd would go crazy. There would be hundreds of white towels being swung around in the air by hundreds of USC fans. It was a little challenging taking a picture of exactly what I wanted because my compact camera doesn’t quite zoom in far enough, or at least how far I wanted it too. Despite my zoom problems I took two pictures I really liked.

Gamecocks beating Alabama!


I love this picture because it truly shows the Gamecocks dominating Alabama! I took many more pictures during the game of the players but this one was my favorite. I honestly didn’t think about any design elements while taking this picture, but I love the way it turned out.

Gamecock Victory over #1 team, Alabama







This is my other favorite picture I took at the game. I love the hand holding up the Gamecocks sign. I took the picture purposely so it was focused on the hand and sign and so that it was also not centered. I also love how this picture shows the amount of policeman that got called in for the game and also shows the USC band in the background. I did crop a little off the left side of this photo because there was a silver pole and I thought it was distracting to the eye and really made the picture look divided.



This game has definitely made history and I have photos that document it. USC beating Alabama, the #1 team. Definitely not easily forgotten. I will definitely save the photos from the game. Why not keep proof of Gamecock history in the making?