Southern Street Style Blogger

I am currently an online fashion blogger for Kembrel, a company based out of Philly. Kembrel is an online ‘club’ that allows students access to some of their favorite fashion items, food, etc at a cheaper price. I am the “Street Style” blogger for the University of South Carolina. I take pictures of fellow students (usually friends) wearing “southern fashion”. I put together a couple pictures in a creative way and then write a short description of the style techniques shown in the photos. I do that every other Wednesday and have been doing it since October. I feel like its something great to put on my resume and I have really enjoyed doing it! Although, I will admit that when trying to right the description of the fashion shown in the picture I do find myself at a loss for words. I’m working on that though. Last Wednesday I took pictures of one of my friends on the Women’s Quad on campus. (The photos are supposed to be taken on campus). One of the many pictures I took, is shown below.

S. Martin for Kembrel Blog taken by Samantha Nugent

This photo was taken with my longer zoom lens. The first pictures I had taken were taken in sunlight and the lighting was too harsh. We moved into a shaded area in front of a building where the light was perfect! No harsh shadows and her coloring look great.

M. Hucks and M. Adams taken for Kembrel Blog taken by Samantha Nugent

This picture above is another picture I took from my very first Kembrel blog. This picture was taken by with my normal lens (18-55 mm). This day was also rather bright, but we managed to find some shade.

If you’re interested in looking at the actual online blogs I will post the URLs below.


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