This past May I went to Munich, Germany for a maymester through the journalism school at USC. I took thousands of photos, literally thousands. It was the most amazing 2 weeks of my life!

Bayern Munich Soccer Fans

There was a group of 20 of us that went to Munich. We were split into 4 different groups and each group had a different German topic that they were going to research while we were there. With the research and interviews we had collected we then had to make a short video, magazine and podcast. My group decided to do our project on the Bayern Munich soccer team and their fans. The picture shown above was outside of the Bayern Munich headquarters. My group had went there wanting to take pictures of the headquarters and field, etc. When we arrived there, there were about 15-20 people there awaiting the departure of the team. We were unaware that the team all drive out of their garage in all their BMW’s. When the players drive out of the garage the people quickly gather around their car trying to get photos and autographs. I had rushed to the car with the group of people when this specific players drove out. I snapped several pictures but this was by far the perfect. I captured the perfect moment in this picture. I was using my digital SLR Pentax camera. The strongest element in this photo is the compelling content and how I captured the exact moment that this player is signing this little fan’s youth jersey. I also think this photo has a compelling composition with how all the subjects are cut off by the picture border.  

Munich Church

We visited many German churches while in Munich. This photo from inside of a German church was by far my favorite. This picture again was taken with my digital SLR Pentax camera. I love the way the light is beaming through the top left window cutting across the picture plane. The light is the dominant element in this photo making it the strongest element in this picture. The light also really helps your eye move across the picture.  Both of these pictures as well as the thousands of other pictures I took, I will cherish forever. These pictures hold all the memories from my two weeks in Munich.


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