Sam I Am, Green Eggs and Ham

My name is Samantha Nugent and I am a junior at the University of South Carolina. I am from West Chester, Pa but was born in Freehold, New Jersey. I started my interest in photography during my freshman year after taking Jour 337 Photovisual Communications and I’ve been interested ever since. I’ve ALWAYS loved design and being creative. I am taking 3 hour art classes twice a week for my minor, Graphic Design. With being a full time student as well as working outside of school as a waitress, it gives me a chance to do art, another thing I enjoy. This passed May, I went to Munich, Germany for a Maymester. I took an insane amount of photos, but when you’re in a foreign country, how can you not? Last Spring, I had an internship with Ronald McDonald House Charities. I designed most of their flyers and save the dates and what not. I was even assigned to take pictures at a couple of their events. One of my best friends also happens to be a model (how convenient) so whenever I can we try to have little photo-shoots which always turn out to be a blast. I do have a flickr account that I try to upload frequently but time always gets away from me. You’ll see a lot of my best friend, Megan as well as some from Munich and a ton of random pictures some for fun and others for class assignments. The url for my flikr account is:   .

I use a DSLR Pentax K-x. I’ve used and become familiar with most of the Adobe programs especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Photo of me in front of a German castle in May 2011. Taken by Alexa Nugent


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