Glitch in my Plan.

So for my photo story thus far–

..I talked to Megan- the pageant queen and apparently their are no cameras allowed in the pageant.

A few solutions to this glitch:

1. Sneak my camera in and snap some photos of Megan on stage.

2. Wait until after the pageant and take pictures of Megan interacting with fans and family.

I’m not sure what to do because I imagined a gorgeous picture of Megan on stage with a beam of line shining on her.

Hopefully I can still snap at least a couple good shots (secretively) of Megan on stage because I will be sneaking my camera in ;). I will also definitely be taking pictures of Megan interacting with fans and family. Candid shots are key.

Another glitch–

Megan said I could not get behind stage for privacy and protection reasons. I completely understand but that kind of stinks because I also imagined a picture of Megan sitting in front of a huge mirror with 3 huge bulbs lighting her face on each side.

However, she is getting her evening gown Friday or Saturday and will be practicing walking up and down the stairs because its a bit tight and she’s afraid she’s going to trip. That would be funny but definitely not good. I thought those pictures could be quiet entertaining.

On a side note, I got some feedback from my classmates on my photos for the first edit of my project. My pictures did seem a bit grainy and I’m not sure why. I think it may have to do with the lighting of the gym she was exercising in and also may be because I did not use a flash. Kind of wish i did use a flash, but I could always go photograph her working out again. I do like the pictures I took. I did want to do some in black and white but that won’t be possible because we either have to go all black and white or all color and I think for a pageant type thing I have to do all color. Without all the glitz and glam of color, it won’t be portrayed as exciting as it really it.


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