Photo Story Starter

I’m pretty excited about our new photo project. The assignment is to create a photo story that has to do with people. I could have picked anything to do a photo story on but I chose to do one on my best friend, Megan Hucks. These next couple weeks she will be preparing for the Miss SC USA Pageant.

I thought it would be very interesting to see what pageant girls have to go through to prepare for a pageant and even why they even do them. I always thought it was glitz and glam but apparently they can get scholarship and it looks great on a resume.

I will be photographing Megan working out because she now has a 20 day workout plan. I will also take pictures of her walking around in her heels, strutting her stuff, trying on new makeup and her tailored dresses. I will lastly photograph the actual pageant. I’m hoping to be able to get behind the scenes. I can just picture Megan sitting in front of a huge mirror with 6 different lights framing it. The pageant is actually in Charleston, S.C. but I already bought my ticket.

The only problem I think I may have is my camera. It can’t do much or zoom super far and I think it might struggle with the lightning in the auditorium type setting. It is also no flash photograph so I’ll have to take pictures without a flash. I was thinking about a solution and I might rent one from the Coli. I’m going to find out more information and see if that’s actually possible. I know I can rent one from McMaster but I think it’s only for 2 days. I guess we’ll see if I can overcome this challenge.

Here are a few pictures I have taken of Megan working out. It is actually quite funny to see a girl who never moves out of her bed or off the couch, working out.















I’m going to need to photoshop these images and get rid of dust spots and sharpen them a bit.




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