I had such a fun Halloween weekend!

My best friend, Taylor; my twin, Alexa; and I thought of the most creative costume idea!!

We decided we were going to be….rock, paper, scissor!

We were going to make all of our costumes instead of buying a costume for around $50 dollars which contain maybe a yard of fabric per women’s adult costume. I was “paper”, Taylor was “rock”, and Lex was “scissor”.

I made my costume out of 2 plain white poster board papers and some straps made with ribbon. Taylor used a trash bag and splotched brown paint on it. Lex drew a pair of scissors on a poster board and colored it in with me and Tay’s help and tied it around her neck.

Everyone loved our costumes. They told us they were so creative. I think about 3 or 4 people actually took pictures of us with their cell phones because they liked our costumes so much.

By the way…when making my costume, I never once thought about the mobility I would have. I could barely walk and I couldn’t sit down anywhere. I had to take my costume off to ride in the car. It was quite a hilarious night to say the least.

We took so many pictures of scissors cutting paper, paper covers rock, etc. It was so much fun. One of my favorite Halloweens yet!














Here’s a picture of Paper covering Rock, Scissor cutting Paper!!!


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