I love the State Fair

I was extremely excited when I got a photo assignment where I had to go to the State Fair and take candid pictures of people. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that I had to “stalk” little kids and ask their parents for their names. Most parents were fine with giving me their child’s name, but a couple parents were a little suspicious of giving me their last name, which was okay. I had an awesome time taking pictures of random children looking like they were having a great time. I went to the fair 3 times.. Is that a little obsessive? How about twice in one day..whoops. Well I just love the state fair, and can’t get enough of it! Kidding. My family came into town from Pennsylvania and I took them to the State Fair yesterday. We had such a blast. We ate ice cream cones and my brother even won a little stuff banana for his girlfriend, Maddie. Around 6 p.m. I returned to the fair last night, with my sister and my two friends. They hadn’t been to the fair yet and really wanted to go. Darius Rucker was playing a concert so we paid three dollars and got on the nearest ferris wheel and got to see him live!! We took many pictures. It was dark and a bit far, but we did the best we could. It was still unbelievable to hear him sing, “Let Her Cry”.

Back to pictures! As I said I was really nervous about asking moms and dads for their child’s name but as the day went on and I asked more and more parents, it felt more natural. I explained how I go to USC and had a photo assignment for my photo class. Some parents were pretty interested in the assignment and others were a little suspicious. There were two particular pictures I absolutely loved.

The first picture I fell in love with when I took it, was this picture of a little boy on the swings. His name was Jacob Black. He didn’t quite look like he was enjoying himself but I love the way the picture turned out. It had three loner swings in the bottom right corner. He’s in the top upper left corner and there’s also chains from swings all throughout the photo. The layout of the picture and the situation itself just really caught my attention.










The second picture I fell in love with, I just happened to stumble upon. I had to leave the fair for a advisement appointment but as I was leaving I saw this little boy, who’s name I found out later to be Ryan (last name not given), was eating a handful of cotton candy. He finished his alloted handful and carefully grabbed the cotton candy bag off of his little brother’s stroller. His mom and dad were paying little attention to Ryan as their eyes were on his little brother. Loving that cotton candy, he kept taking handful after handful. I snapped a few pictures of him. I got the perfect picture of him putting the cotton candy into his mouth. I love the picture. Ryan is so happy and you can see it through his face. I love seeing how happy the fair makes children. I even saw some parents who were a little too excited for the fair. They get so entertained with the littlest things and enjoys every aspect of the fair including the rides, the prizes, and most of all the food.
















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