I was trying to think of something to blog about and I immediately thought about the Alabama vs USC football game! Whatttt a game!!! My friend from Pa came for the weekend and she couldn’t believe how crazy the game was!

I took some really cool pictures at the game. Every time the song, “Sand Storm” would come on the crowd would go crazy. There would be hundreds of white towels being swung around in the air by hundreds of USC fans. It was a little challenging taking a picture of exactly what I wanted because my compact camera doesn’t quite zoom in far enough, or at least how far I wanted it too. Despite my zoom problems I took two pictures I really liked.

Gamecocks beating Alabama!


I love this picture because it truly shows the Gamecocks dominating Alabama! I took many more pictures during the game of the players but this one was my favorite. I honestly didn’t think about any design elements while taking this picture, but I love the way it turned out.

Gamecock Victory over #1 team, Alabama







This is my other favorite picture I took at the game. I love the hand holding up the Gamecocks sign. I took the picture purposely so it was focused on the hand and sign and so that it was also not centered. I also love how this picture shows the amount of policeman that got called in for the game and also shows the USC band in the background. I did crop a little off the left side of this photo because there was a silver pole and I thought it was distracting to the eye and really made the picture look divided.



This game has definitely made history and I have photos that document it. USC beating Alabama, the #1 team. Definitely not easily forgotten. I will definitely save the photos from the game. Why not keep proof of Gamecock history in the making?


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