It Immediately Caught My Eye

These two photos were taken for my last photography assignment called Design.

The first photo was taken in the vista in Columbia, SC. This photo was my favorite from all the pictures I had taken that day because of the reflection of the clouds onto the building. It immediately caught my eye and I had to take a photo of it.

The second photo was taken early evening of the sunset at the coliseum on the USC campus.  I love how the sun beams light onto the cars parked in the parking lot. I also love how the sun light highlights the clouds.

I really enjoyed walking around all of Columbia although it was EXTREMELY hot, taking pictures. I took a lot of pictures of a lot of random things. I was overall impressed by the way many of my pictures came out. I usually don’t go looking for eye-catching architecture, objects, people, or foliage with great design elements. I usually just stumble upon a really interesting and stunning scenery or architecture or person.

When I was in downtown Five Points in Columbia, I saw some really amusing and appealing people. I really wanted to get a photo of some of them but with my compact digital camera it wouldn’t allow me to zoom close enough without making it obvious I was taking a picture of them. (That is one minor negative about not having a sophisticated camera with really far zoom capability.) Funny story- I was trying to take a picture of these two men sitting on a bus stop bench. I was trying not to make it obvious so I was taking a picture of the streets around them. I was inching closer to them to try to snap a shot, when one of the guys yelled, “Hey aren’t you going to take a picture of us?” I just laughed and said, “Yes, of course.” They immediately stood up and smiled while I snapped a photo. They just looked so happy. I wanted a photo of the two men just sitting there because they were on the left side of the bench and it was a really sweet picture to take, but it didn’t work out too well. At least I got a funny experience out of it.

For the next assignment, I’m planning on trying to take pictures at different times of the day such as morning and early evening. I want to see how the lighting changes through out the day; I think it would be really worth experimenting with time of day and light.


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