I never knew a fork could be so interesting. Did you?

These three images were taken from a collection of 50 pictures I took of one fork. I was given an assignment to pick one inanimate object and take at least 36 pictures of that one object. The assignment told us to experiment with lighting, angles, shade and functions on our camera. After taking the pictures, uploading them and resizing them, we had to choose 4 photos that best showed shallow depth of field, long depth of field, wide angle perspective and telephoto perspective.

I took a lot of different photographs that I really like and I thought came out really neat. I put the fork against a statue, leaning against a pot, in a window sill, on a cement wall, in the grass, on a lamp post and many other places. Because the fork is reflexive, it gave off some really interesting reflections. I took close ups of the fork zooming in and out and took pictures looking up and down at the fork.

Overall, I was very pleased with this assignment. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed taking pictures of a silver fork and can’t wait until I branch out and take pictures of people and striking landscapes. It helped me learn more about how my camera works. Although I can’t change the shutter speed, aperture, ISO or white balance, I did learn how to focus in and out of certain objects in the foreground or background.

I’m looking forward to my next assignment, Design, where I can take photos with strong graphic visual objects and elements such as leading lines, light, and texture hoping to create a strong visual impact.


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